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de will also take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard its own int▓erests," said the ▓spokesperson.&nbs▓p;Please sc▓an the QR Cod▓e to follo▓w us on Insta▓gramPlease scan ▓the QR Code▓ to follow us on WechatAt the invitation of the U.S. side, Chinese Vi▓ce Premier Liu He ▓will lead a Chinese delegation to visit Washington for a new round ▓of the China▓-U.S. high-level e▓conomic and trade consul▓tations from ▓Oct. 10 to 11.Ch▓inese chief tr

ade ne▓gotiator invited to hold n▓ew round of trade consultations in U.S.Chinese chief trade negotiator invited▓ to hold new round of trade▓ consultations in U.▓S.10-08-2019 09:0▓7 BJTBEIJING,▓ Oct. 8 -- At t▓he invitation of the U.S. side▓, Chinese Vice▓ Premier Liu H▓e will lea▓d a Chinese delegati▓on to visit Wash▓ington for ▓a new roun▓d of the Ch▓ina-U.S. hig▓h-level economic and trade consulta▓tions from Oct. 1▓0 to 11.Liu, also a member of the Political Bur

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eau of the Com▓munist Party of China Central Committee and chief of the Ch▓inese side of the China-U.S. co▓mprehensive econ▓omic dialogue, will hold the economic and trade consulta▓tions with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer▓ and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.Key members of the Chinese delegation inclu▓des Minister of C▓ommerce Zhong Shan, Governor of the People's Bank of China Yi Ga▓ng, Vice Chai

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